Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Too Cool For Pearls

OK ladies - I like would to introduce a new post activity that I hope to be able to continue. I am going to be asking married ladies a question...."If you could do it all over would you change things?" We will then make that person's alternate ego wedding a board to represent it. We will also show you that person's TRUE wedding style by highlighting their real wedding.
I don't want typical sappy answers like, "Oh I would have done pink roses instead of white." You HAVE to pretend you are "too cool." Why? You may ask? Because it is my game and I get to make the rules. SO you must do something completely opposite of "you" and make it chic at the same time. We will start with my board.

My board is inspired by the notion of "IF I were a super skinny super tall model with super model bridesmaids and all the money in the world, this is what my wedding would look like."

Standard Disclaimer: We all obviously know that each participant loves her wedding AS IS and really wouldn't change a thing...but I am bored, so this is what we are doing.

My uber celeb filled wedding will take place at the One and Only in Palmilla, Mexico. My color palette be in the tones of a soft yellow, turquoise and a coral hue. It would include mini bridesmaid dresses from Shoshana, David Yurman and Judith Ripka jewels (which I obviously bought as presents for ALL of my guests), and minimal florals (since I am a posh super model, I don't need flowers to make my wedding special). We would be drinking lemon drops in martini glasses, but we would call them lemon de frouff (there is an accent above the "o" so we can use our accents and pronounce it lemoan...we change the name because we are trendy like that :)


BUT my real wedding wasn't quite like that. I am a traditional girl at heart no matter how much shopping I do on new fangled high heels and oversized purses that you can fit the kitchen sink in just because the Olsen twins say it is cool.

My real wedding to my husband was more like this...and I wouldn't change it in any way : )

To find out more about my Florida wedding, please go to my bio on the knot: StacyH&BrianC


Chrissy said...

What a fun game! I'm gonna play!

Sarita & Pepe said...

Yay! I love your Mexican dream wedding but your "real" one was just as amazing.

I can already start thinking about alternative dream boards...even though my real wedding is still 10 months away. =)

Lucky Designs said...

I love the blue and orange combination, however your wedding was beautiful - congrats!