Saturday, August 4, 2007

Trash The Dress

Blue Nalu Photography

I finally put Trash the Dress (TTD) in my blogroll, so I thought it deserved a little spotlight. TTD is just what you would imagine it to be. "The Dress" being your beloved pristine wedding gown and then you trash it. Literally. The couple above took it to a new extreme level and I LOVE it - but a lot of times it just involves fun frolics in the ocean with your new husband, etc.

I will be the first to admit that I did not have the guts to trash my dress. First of all spending an absurd amount of money on a dress you wear for one day seemed bad enough, but now I was going to trash Ms. Herrera? Now that is just blasphemy! However, every time I see new photos displayed on this edgy website, I get a tinge of....not regret....but a little voice inside me wishes I was a bit more daring! I envy those who have the confidence enough in themselves to even book a photography session like this! I imagine it to be very liberating.

Simply put, hiring the right photographer and letting go of all inhibitions make for some truly inspiring is like the following brides stepped right out of a magazine.

If this even slightly appeals to you I urge you to look into it! There is only going to be one opportunity for you to wear your dress and so if you can drag out that moment any longer - good for you! You really will treasure the photographs for years upon years to come.

You can get more information on the TTD site. A popular thing to do is hold a "Trash Bash" in your local area. Find a bunch of recent brides that are wanting to do this and share the cost of the photographers time. I think it would be ridiculously fun to have 15 brides on a beach running around and playing. Again, check out TTD to find out more.

Below are some photos of some real brides/knottie friends of mine who trashed their dresses. They will tell you they had an amazing time and it shows on their faces!

So let loose and have fun getting "Trashed" :)


Lynn said...

I couldn't do this to my dress, but I am seriously considering sitting in the Chattahoochee in an old bridesmaid dress that I love but won't wear again. If only the water weren't so cold. Can you wear hip waders under a dress?
Thanks for adding me to your daily reading!

StacyH&BrianC said...

Lol Lynn - I think that is a fabulous idea and also think the waders would be a great touch! You would be the first! Love it!

RACHEL said...

OMG, I feel famous! I'm not actually wearing my wedding dress in that last pic (jumping off the bridge) but the others are totally authentic!

Vanessa said...

LOOOOVE these pictures but there was no way I was trashing my dress ;-)