Friday, August 3, 2007

Timothy and Katharine

Today's entry is on a personal note - I am back from my Houston weekend getaway. As you know, I went to a very near and dear friend's wedding with my husband last weekend.

First let me say that I LOVE TEXAS!! Specifically, Houston. I just loved it! Everyone was sooo nice, the weather was gorgeous (although humid), the town was hustling and bustling without being too overbearing, the crowd was young and seemingly up and coming, the shopping made me extremely happy - it was all just fabulous, definitely want to go back!

I think this was the *first* wedding (as a guest) where I had a LOT of emotion involved. I have been to friends' weddings before. Even my bridesmaid got married before me and I was at her wedding, but this was the most sentimental. As I said, my gorgeous and kind bridesmaid, Becky, got married a year before me and I was very invested in the wedding and loved the two of them so much, but since I knew her now husband so well, there was more of a sense of calm about my emotions.

Tim is a good friend of mine. You will never hear me speak more highly about an individual in my life. We went to high school together and even to college together and yet we never dated (a fete my husband does not believe and my mother wish she could have changed). Then he moved out to Houston to complete his post graduate work and got engaged to Kate.

I had never met her before and while I trusted in his judgment, I was still hesitant. I don't even consider myself good enough for this caring guy so WHO would be good enough for the person I hold on the highest pedestal of all? Well, as far as I can tell, she is! I was elated upon meeting her!

And I can tell you why she is special too - it isn't just a hunch, but more of the little things she did to make sure she became my friend and not just know me a bit through Tim. Many girls could have been bothered by the bond that Tim and I had, but instead, she emailed me directly (more than once) telling me how she can't wait to meet me, she became my friend on My Space, etc. It was GENUINE - a quality I don't think I ever fully felt from someone in that situation before. I truly felt that since I was important to Tim, I was important to her, and I felt the same way right back.

So here me and my husband are, sitting in the church - giving the eyes to Tim (I am giving the eyes, hubby is just sweating because we are in Texas) - hoping that he KNOWS how much I love and support we are - can you picture it?

Okay, now the doors open and here comes this breath of fresh air - young and drop dead gorgeous bride!! I am kind of just standing there at this point wondering how Tim and I grew up in the blink of an eye and are old enough to be getting married (our weddings were a mere 2 months from each other). I almost wanted to press pause and ponder it for a while (preferably back at Florida State with some Pokey Sticks, but that is another story). Kate is with her dad, walking down the aisle, and she spots me....from pictures, she just spots me (granted I made sure I got the prime aisle seat, but whatever) she looks at me and seriously takes a moment (during her grand, look at me moment, only time she will walk down the aisle ever) and whispers "Hi Stacy" in the cheeriest whisper EVER! Well, needless to say I had verification right then and there that she IS special and I started crying for the remainder of the ceremony.

Without giving away the personals - their ceremony was in a quaint chapel with gorgeous gold metallic tiling on the walls and indoor columns. The preacher was very Texan and I loved listening to the drawl.

The reception was at Hungry's Bistro, one of their favorite hot spots. The owner, Ash (don't quote me on that one as I had a few glasses of vino at the point of introduction) was so very kind to all of the guests and was quite the storyteller too - great guy!

The couple are presently honeymooning somewhere wonderful in Napa.

I admit that I am a TERRIBLE person here for taking extremely limited photos - but my camera did not fit well into my pretty red clutch I was carrying, and we didn't know too many people, so the camera didn't come out much....but here is what I have.



(excuse the ciggy terrible habit of his!)


(me and the groom of the hour)

At the end of the night, I had to try to grab my friend and let him know how much he meant to wasn't coming out well, but I hope he got it. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and I know they shall have it!



Chrissy said...

What a cute couple!

Sarita said...

Adorable pics and such a special wedding!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time! They look like a great couple!

Ashley said...

Awww! What a sweet entry and they are an absurdly beautiful couple! AND I love the new blog look!