Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bridal Replicas

OK - I'm not even kidding! For a small fortune, you can get a doll made to your likeness wearing a replica of your wedding dress! No folks I am not pulling your leg! And I hate to admit, that Barbara Cox pulls it off quite well! Tell me this real life bride and her mini-me don't look alike!

Alternatively (and much more affordable) you can get just a replica wedding gown made and you can run to Toys-R-Us and buy a Barbie that looks the most like you...maybe toss her hair up into chignon and you can be immortalized as a bride on your shelf forever!!

I joke around, but this could be a potentially cute gift. The replica dollars are 24" tall which is a bit scary to me, but the Barbie sized dresses could easily be a great shower gift/memento. I am sure the future daughter's out there would love to play with "mommy" one day - and in that respect, I think the concept is sweet.

The price for doll is $835 ::::choking on my latte:::

The price for the Barbie dress is $150, plus the price of your Barbie doll.

To find out more go to Dolls by Barbara.


Anonymous said...

I went to the website just now to look into the Barbie-sized replica gown and the site says they are no longer taking orders. :( Do you know of anyone else who does barbie-sized replicas for a reasonable price? If so, email me at please

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies!
I happend across this post and wanted to let you know about my bride dolls. I also noticed that the website mentioned, no longer does the dolls.
I do personalized/replica bride dolls on porcelain dolls. I search high and low for a doll that will resemble the bride. Sometimes I change the wig, or even the eyes in order to achieve this.
These are completely hand done, and most take between 40 and 60 hours to complete.
I consider it a personal challenge to get as close to the bride on that day as possible. From the hair and veil, to the beading and lace detail.
My dolls range from $250, up to $1000, depending on detail. Plus the cost of materials. The price of the porcelain doll can vary from $30-$100.
I like to say, you can't display your wedding dress, but you'll always have room to display a personalized doll from that special day. It's also special because it's one of a kind.
These are great for a special anniversary gift as well. I once did a bride from the 50's, as a 50th anniversary gift.
Please check out my website for some pictures of two that I've done, and for my contact info.
Thanks a bunch!

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