Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rain Is "In" - Sun is "Out"

I prayed to God (literally) that it wouldn't rain on my wedding day. I searched historical records for my local area to find out that there has only been a tenth of an inch of rain on May 19th in the last ten years! I pleaded with the clouds and sun gods when I felt a "rain like burst of wind" come through my backyard on my wedding day. I attempted to hide my neurotic rain issues from everyone around me so I wouldn't hear the "don't worries" or the even more dreaded "rain on your wedding day is good luck" bull @#$#.

Luckily for me, my day turned out sunny as can be. But I am here now to tell you NOT to worry about it. Seriously. It rained on my bridesmaid's wedding day and she was so upset that she wouldn't get the outdoor photos and I was so upset for her. If I had seen the following photos then as opposed to now, I would have told her to EMBRACE IT!

My favorite examples of why rain is "in" are these gorgeous photos of my friend Rachel's wedding to her adorable hubby Jack. She is the one that I feel green with envy about in terms of photography (another issue I will delve into later). More of her utterly outstanding photos can be seen on Mandi Marie's blog which is linked to the right of your screen.

See the (beautiful) storm clouds closing in? I wonder if at that moment Rachel was thinking "Crap this is really going to put a kink in my plans."

Here, her and Jack are thinking "Hurry up and smile honey, we better get inside."

And here the lovely newlyweds are doing the dance of joy saying "It may have drizzled, but our photos are going to AMAZING!!!" This is my absolute favorite of all! I seriously stare at these photos non-stop because they had such a beautiful location (Rockhouse Negril), are beautiful people, and had a gifted photog to boot.

I kid around by interjecting my comments, but I seriously doubt tornados would really upset any bride because once you are there, you don't care about anything other than marring your beloved. And since I know Rachel, I can say that only she could embrace the rain as good naturedly and laid back as she did because she is just that sort of bride that professionals would die to work with. So we should all learn something from her photos (since my obsession is apparent - I will probably spot light her more when she gets more of her photos in).

Some other rainy day brides that made the most of it are knotties: Drzwife and Minotosgirl (currently cannot find her bio).



If any of you have more great rainy day shots, leave a comment and let me know. I would love to add more to this post.

So to sum up the topic: Whatever natural disasters or other supposed catastrophes come your way on your wedding day, go with it, work it, embrace it. Make it the new "in" thing because as long as you smile big like these smart brides, no one will notice it but you. And the right photographer can make any situation beautiful!

Also, random side note: If you are inclined to stick to the whole "rain on your wedding day is the worst possible thing that could happen to me EVER" school of thought....don't be surprised if it rains in "rainy season" in Florida or the Caribbean. Seriously. We don't call it the rainy season for kicks.

Once again, if you are stuck with your date make it work. Bring a chic black umbrella or a bright festive one to match your BM dresses. Bring brightly colored cheerful galoshes, etc.

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Sarita & Pepe said...

Very smart advice! I'm actually dealing with a GROOM who will be totally poopy-pants all day if it rains on our wedding. He's intolerable!